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New Experiences During a Career Change

I started pursuing a career change around a year ago. My search for a new specialty is taking more time than expected. And it's been a roller coaster along along the way.

We can all try career changes if wanted. But it's not a quick transformation. It's not like flicking a light switch.

Here are some wild times I survived when starting a career change.

Less experienced at the start

Sure, our existing skills may inform the new career. But if it's a dramatic enough change to a new industry or profession, there are knowledge gaps that can be filled.

It's not easy becoming the new person in a field, after being the go-to expert in what feels like a former life. My approach is to embrace every moment with an open mind and be hungry for new knowledge. Grown ups should want to learn. Then we can better understand the world.

Keep in mind, you won't be inexperienced in your new field forever. Persevere over time and you could thrive.

Trial and error

I didn't fully know what I wanted to do. That might seem surprising. Some people only jump into different circumstances if they feel completely sure. But indecisiveness is alright if we at least do something.

I just knew what I didn't want to do. Part of the problem with my old profession was my reluctance to let go of an industry. This is a life lesson to avoid repeating. Huge amounts of time were invested. That sacrificed time made me feel committed to that industry, whether I liked it or not. All that effort had became a decade of serving an occupation I was not fully passionate about. I love being creative. But the business side of that life was exhausting at best. The beginning of that former career had not given a taste of the actual job suitability. In my next career, I want to try it before committing time and resources.

When choosing a new profession, I like to try before I buy. Any taste of the next industry will make it more familiar.

Be ready to learn

Whether you're starting a new job or owning your business, any fresh start involves massive learning curves.

We don't have to know everything. Sometimes we expect ourselves to know all (or appear to now all) because of our age, background or ambition. 'Fake it until you make it' might get you through the day. But I believe asking for help can nurture more growth.

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