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Simple ways to relax

Relaxation is important. When life is busy or stressful, a few minutes of calmness will help.

Sometimes the best chill out moments are from simple joys. Here are some ways in which I mentally and physically revive.

Sleep in comfortable bed

Nap with a short sleep

That’s right. Naps are for grown-up people too. My sleeping patterns are now unpredictable. I don’t have the solution to insomnia and other sleep disorders. But when I didn’t get enough hours of sleep at night, I compensate with some shut-eye in the afternoon (as the schedule allows).

Listen to calm music or play music for creative happiness

Listen to Calm Background Music

The home can become quiet. Break the silence with serene music. I recently started listening to rainforest music in evenings. Everything changed. My mind was transported to the world of these sounds - feeling the mood or story. The atmosphere in our home became different thanks to the click of a ‘play’ button.

Sip a cup of tea

Sip a hot cup of tea

In my corner of the world, we’re experiencing slightly chilly evenings. I was brought back to the soothing cosiness of a cuppa. If you’re living in higher temperatures, opt for lemon-infused water instead.

Flick through an interesting book

Read an uplifting book

Have a break from the seriousness of the world. Read something positive - an optimistic story, motivational messages or light lifestyle ideas. Although people need to be informed about the harsh realities, that can wait until after the relaxation hour.

Unplug from the smart phone

Switch off notifications on the phone

My phone was pushing all news headlines to my attention at all hours. I was continuously reminded of the humanity’s conflicts and concerns.

Then I realised something. We can choose times to see the news. There was a time when people allocated sessions of viewing or reading the news. A newspaper was delivered at home in the morning. Or we flicked through the paper on a daily commute. We saw an hour-long television program close to dinner time. Now the news shows us the latest horrors right as they are happening, thanks to phone notifications. But that is optional.

Smart phones have lovely settings that allow us to switch off particular notifications. Don’t worry - you can switch it on again at any time.

Find your own relaxation routine

A whole routine for relaxation? I just recently started developing actual routines to unwind. Some practices can fit into each day at comfortably predictable times. Sure, allow flexibility in the schedule. Then give yourself the quiet time you deserve in each day.

Relaxing swimming pool

I dream of relaxing in a pool like this one.

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