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Identity as an individual and mother

Motherhood brings new forms of identity. I am still my creative unique being. Now as a parent, my new life phase adds dimensions to my core self.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson when daughter was one week old

Parenthood doesn't take away from a vibrant past. Becoming a parent can only strengthen the best parts of ourselves. I needed to step up and take responsibility when I was pregnant, gave birth and then started caring for our baby. We still find time for ourselves when also nurturing our daughter. Parenthood can bring another purpose to life.

I sit and write this blog post article as my daughter sleeps for an afternoon nap. That's the simple explanation. Reality is a bit more detailed. Laundry is drying on hangers. The sink is full of dishes that can only be hand washed. Her closet stores clothing sizes that she's growing into, along with outfits she already grew out of. The freezers are stocked with convenient meals to just reheat because evenings are busy. There are things to do. There are supplies to sort out. But I am still finding a few minutes for my own creativity during my daughter's nap time.

Yes, life has dramatically changed. We now have a cute lively baby daughter. When she wakes up and sees us, a wide smile brightens her face. We can introduce our daughter to the world. At the same time, she has the pleasure of having us as parents. Our daughter benefits from our unique qualities as individuals. That's why as parents, we thrive best as our genuine selves.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson with her daughter

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