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I'm Melanie Suzanne Wilson.


I am a communicator and advocate for conscious lifestyle.

Boho Beach

Tell stories. Change the world.

Ask Melanie about freelance marketing communications including graphic design and copywriting. 

Zero Waste Kitchen

Sustainable spiritual purpose

(the lifestyle publication from Melanie Suzanne Wilson)

Real Different Living: how my new lifestyle brand emerged


Real Different Living is emerging and evolving to become a valuable resource. Let me share its creation journey. My parenting experience drew me to attachment parenting. Then I discovered healthy vegan and plant based diets. I felt lighter and more conscious. I heard about environmentally sustainable lifestyle choices that are also affordable. Minimalism became a useful goal. My everyday life improved from these choices and concepts. Eventually great spiritual guidance showed me how mindful practices could align with my existing beliefs. Life now looks completely different than a few years prior. There is more purpose, meaning and hope. I am now sharing my understanding and even more information about these ways of life. Real Different Living is for anyone who is ready to live consciously.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson

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Who is Melanie Suzanne Wilson?

I am a content creator and speaker with a passion for living a meaningful life.

Melanie is based in Australia, having lived in locations along the east coast.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson follows a vegan plant based lifestyle with as much sustainability as possible.


Melanie Suzanne Wilson is the granddaughter of Gary Wilson OAM and the late Elizabeth Wilson OAM, leaders and public speakers with a history of community involvement including Toastmasters. Melanie holds precious memories of Elizabeth after the grandmother passed away in 2021. Elizabeth and Gary taught Melanie their understanding of public speaking. Melanie continues her own journey as a communicator - hoping for vulnerability with her personal style.

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Melanie Suzanne WIlson with Elizabeth an

Peace, MSW

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